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ML Engineer Interview Masterclass

Maximize your chance of success in landing your dream AI/ML Engineer job by joining the cohort masterclass led by FAANG engineers

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What Our Masterclass Offers

Never enter an AI/ML Engineer interview blindfolded. We will give you the exclusive insights, a TON of practice questions and inside scoops from interviewers - so you can succeed!

  • 👨‍🏫 Live Online Classes

    Meet with your instructors and peers three times a week via Google Meet. In each class you will learn, practice, and network for your next MLE job.

  • 📚 Comprehensive Curriculum

    Master core areas of MLE interviews: ML foundation, coding, system design, ML system design, culture-fit & leadership. We will teach you dozens of concepts and solution templates.

  • 😎 MLE Instructors from Top Companies

    Work with hiring managers from top companies like Google and Meta.

  • 📈 Break the Senior & Staff Bar

    Frustrated why you are being down-leveled? Get the exclusive take from MLE hiring managers on why this occurs and how to break the bar.

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📚 Our Curriculum

Our course roadmap makes sures that you are not entering your upcoming interview blindfolded.

  • Week 1 - ML Foundation

    Cover the ML theory (e.g. Variance and Bias) and depth (e.g. ML Algorithm) often seen in FAANG MLE interviews. This will serve as the foundation for core chapters.

  • Week 2 - ML Coding

    No, coding rounds in MLE interviews are not just LeetCode-style questions. Get the comprehensive set of ML coding questions with detailed solution walkthrough.

  • Week 3 - System Design

    We will teach you the core components of designing a scalable, maintainble application systems, AND give you the framework to answer even the hardest questions, effectively.

  • Week 4 - ML System Design

    ML System Design is a black-box for many. But, with our course lessons and practice sessions, you will acquire intuition on how to frame ANY open-ended ML system design questions.

  • Week 5 - Generative AI / Interview Ready

    In the first class, we will cover most recent interview questions on Generative AI. Then, we will end the week with resume insight, behavior and leadership led by an ML Tech Lead interviewer or a technical recruiter from FAANG.

Our June Schedule

Our Flagship MLE Engineering Masterclass starts on June 24, 2024 We will meet three times a week via Google Meet over the course of five weeks.

Whiteboard session

Taught by Instructors from Top Companies

We've been in your shoes multiple times. We understand the frustration in the interviewing game as a candidate. And, we know what interviewers look for as we conducted interviews ourselves. Join our masterclass, and we will give you the inside scoop on how to ACE AI/ML Engineering interviews.

  • Dan Lee

    Dan Lee

    ML Instructor


    I have been a practitioner and coach in data science and ML engineering for the past 7 years. I have managed, developed, and deployed statistical analysis and ML systems across a consulting firm, startups and large tech. Now, I run and have helped people land top jobs with high compensations (e.g. ~$300K+) in DS & MLEs at companies like Google, Meta, Amazon and much more! I love sharing my passion for DS & MLE to my students as I provide personalization based on your background and career goals. Reach out to me to land your dream data job!

  • Christian Monson

    Christian Monson

    ML Scientist


    With 9 years experience in industry as a Machine Learning Scientist specializing in Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition, I decided to become a full-time independent teacher, tutor, and mentor in A.I. -– where I've been for the past 5 years! I love teaching and helping others meet their learning (and employment goals). For five of my years in industry I was at Amazon improving the Alexa personal assistant. During the 2000’s I was a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University and a postdoc at Oregon Health & Science University working in NLP.

Join Our MasterClass

Our next cohort starting on June 24, 2024 has limited slots. Secure your spot today so you don't miss out on the opportunity to accelerate your interview prep in ML Engineering!

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ML System Design Masterclass

Limited to just 20 seats

$1297 one-time

Join Cohort
  • 22.5 Hours of Live Classes Led by Hiring Managers at Top Companies
  • Core Technical Areas - ML Foundations & System Design
  • Behavioral & Leadership Question Prep
  • Resume Tips from Hiring Managers
  • Offer Negotation Tactics
  • 1-Year Access to DataInterview
  • 1-Year Access to the Lecture Recordings
  • Cohort Study Group on Slack
  • Strong Network with the Alumni Community

Personalized Masterclass

Limited to just 5 seats

$1897 one-time

Join Cohort
  • 3 x 1-Hour Mock Interview/Mentorship Call
  • Resume Reviews
  • 22.5 Hours of Live Classes Led by Hiring Managers at Top Companies
  • 100+ Actual Interview Questions + Detailed Solutions
  • Core Technical Areas - ML System, System Design, ML Coding
  • Behavioral & Leadership Question Prep
  • Resume Tips from Hiring Managers
  • Offer Negotation Tactics
  • 1-Year Access to DataInterview
  • 1-Year Access to the Lecture Recordings
  • Cohort Study Group on Slack
  • Strong Network with the Alumni Community

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How hands-on will the instructors be over the course of the masterclass?
The instructors are experienced professionals in AI/ML engineering and interviewing. We will address all the questions you have during and, via, slack message and email over the course of the masterclass.
What happens after I enroll?
You will receive an email from us with an onboarding document, slack access, and DataInterview course access.
What if I miss out on one of the live classes? Will I be able to watch the recording?
Yes, all the classes will be archived for you to watch and re-watch should you miss the class or you just simply want to review.
What does the Personalized Masterclass entail?
You will get 3 x 1-hour 1:1 session time with the instructor of your choice. The 1:1 session time will be part mentorship or purely mock interview - depending on what you request.
What if I lack prior experience as a Machine Learning Engineer. Is this still right for me?
The masterclass presumes that you have at least a year or two industry experience in a technical profession (e.g. data science, software engineering, ML engineering, data engineering). Or, you are a Masters or Ph.D. student specializing in ML or Data Science.
Do you cover the basics in machine learning and statistics?
The course presumes that you already have basic knowledge in statistics and machine learning engineering. And, if you forgot some, that is okay. We will send you pre-reading content.
I do not know how to code. Should I still take the masterclass?
We do not recommend that you take the masterclass if you do not know how to code just yet. If you can solve easy-level algorithms & data structure question in OOP language (e.g. Python) then you have sufficient knowledge for the masterclass prep.
Is it possible to pay in installments?
Absolutely, we can provide a payment plan that allows you purchase the masterclass in three installments. You can email to get this set up.
What is the `AI` portion of the masterclass?
The ML/AI constantly evolving. Our concept review and question bank reflects the changing times. Some of our topic coverage will include questions and concepts based on large-language-model.